Soulmate Part 5


“Is there something you’re not telling me?” Susan asked confused. She thought she knew her friend. Knew her well enough, but this? This was something altogether new. She’d never known Kate to be either this rash, or irrational. Not over anything, especially something as inconsequential as an ad in a newspaper. 

“What haven’t you told me?” Susan tried again to read between the lines. And fill in what she didn’t know about Kate.

“What haven’t I told you that’s relevant you mean?” Kate was quite aware she wasn’t making much sense to her friend, someone who’d known her longer than anyone. Who knew she could be impulsive at times, but never usually irrational, well, not like this.

“It’s not just that the Poster chose the Tribune and only the Tribune to place the ad in, it’s also the place and time that’s relevant.” 

Relevant, at least to me, Kate added to herself. Susan already knew it was her birthday this coming weekend. It was another reason why they had both wanted to get together and celebrate the milestone. 

Kate couldn’t see Susan shaking her head in despair at the other end of the line.

“The museum? The Met, the one you took me too?” 

“Yes,” Kate paused then spoke about that period in her life, and her daily visits to the Metropolitan. After moving to New York, and working for a year at Doubleday, she’d moved when a head-hunter had poached her on behalf of his client. She’d taken up a position with a small boutique literary agency, up near Columbus Circle. She explained to Susan how at lunchtime, come rain, shine, or snow, she’d walk through Central Park across to 5th and into the Met. Taking her lunch at about the same time, in the same place, every work day. Every work day for over a year. 

“So you think this stalker, watched you eat lunch in the cafeteria while reading the Tribune, wrote this ad just for you?” Susan asked with a touch of exasperation if not, sarcasm. 

Kate winced at Susan’s bluntness well aware of how this all sounded, even to her own ears. It was wild. But still, she couldn’t let it go. Couldn’t stop thinking about how, if she did nothing, sat still and ignored her heart that she was going to miss an opportunity. To find that missing something in her life. Love. And more, that missing someone she’d always been looking for. An opportunity she might end up regretting not having taken, for the rest of her life.

Susan was a step ahead of her.

“Don’t do it!”

To be continued …

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