Mysterious Object Discovered

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Chu reporting — Shuttle pilot Lt. Nancy Ko, returning from a run ‘upside’ to the orbital space station, Fei Long, captured footage of a mysterious object located out in the deep desert. The footage, just released by the Base Commander, Sigrid Thorin, was taken last month but, up till now, no one has been clear as to what it is we are seeing on Ko’s tape. Needless to say, the original footage has long since left Mars and is, no doubt, on its way to Earth to be studied at length, in some secret lab at the UN.

This breaking news comes at a time of unease as reinforcements from Earth continue to arrive and shore up the UN Military presence, out at Alpha Base. While residents of Bubble City worry what this could mean for Martian independence and self rule.

This reporter has to ask the question, is the artefact for real, or another manufactured ruse by the UN to send more troops to Mars?

When asked for comment, de facto Governor, Lily Kwan was unavailable. However, an unnamed spokesperson for the current administration says he believes all possibilities are under consideration.

Which means what, exactly?

Needless to say, this reporter will do her best to dig up the facts and keep you posted.

Are We Alone?

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Chu reporting — This just in. Our intrepid reporter, Harry J. Canis (who’s embedded at the UN Alpha Base) has managed to acquire screenshots from the Mars Orbit Observation satellite, featuring Lt. Nancy Ko’s recent shuttle flight. We are working hard to bring you more about what was discovered in the deep desert by Ko, and just what it might mean for us, here on Mars.

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Soulmate — Part 7


FEAR. TREPIDATION. To say they were the only things Kate felt as she tried to eat some breakfast. All the while avoiding direct eye contact with the other table guests. Would be an understatement. She also felt a certain sense of elation, nausea and a whole gamut of conflicting emotions. It was Sunday. It was her birthday. She had finally turned that magical number everyone always talked about. And, in a few hours, she was about to add to that long list of craziest things she’d done in her life.

This could turn out to be either the best birthday ever or—she didn’t finish the thought. The four other guests sat around her were bright and cheery chatting. And, in turn, it was inevitable they directed questions to her in making polite conversation. She met them as best she could with a painted smile. Meanwhile, strange butterflies stomped round her stomach. Twenty minutes later, upstairs alone in her room, she threw up in the toilet.

Nerves won out.

Kate wretched into the porcelain, on her knees; it was quick, bitter, and over in moments. Relieved, she sat on the corner of the bed and began chewing three sticks of gum at once. All the while fiddling with the gum packet unaware she was shredding the wrapping onto the carpet. The tiny fluttering pieces, gathered in a pile at her feet.

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Soulmate — Part 6


Don’t do it!

The words rung in Kate’s mind, as she stowed her single bag and coat in the overhead compartment on the plane. Well, too late now, she had gone and done it. Done what Susan had feared. Booked a flight. Despite Susan trying to talk her out of the decision she knew she had taken the minute her friend had said the words.

Kate had gone into work early Thursday and had surfed a few of the major Airline carriers trying to book a flight for Friday afternoon. With, she hoped, a return either Monday or the latest, Tuesday morning.

Silly her.

Who would have thought she’d have such difficulty getting one lone seat out of London to New York. She would have taken baggage space in the hold if it had been available.

As it was, her first trip was a lunchtime trip to one of the many local travel agents on the high street. To get what she wanted Kate flexed her plastic to its breaking limit.

Having booked for early Saturday morning, Kate also paid the extra to have an open-ended ticket for the return journey. Something she knew was in and of itself a dangerous act. There were no guarantees a seat would be available when she wanted it, but this again, was another risk she was willing to take. Whatever the consequences, she’d told herself.

She had to conclude, when packing her bag late Friday, that she was indeed off her meds.

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