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Alpha Base Mobilisation

EXCLUSIVE: Harry J. Canis reporting — Today saw organised chaos here, in Alpha Base, as another crawler was despatched from the base to where, this reporter can only guess. Having pieced together what’s happening elsewhere through communiques with fellow colleagues at the Martian Chronicle, and eavesdropping in on conversations I’m not privy too, I know this latest crawler, manned by just two, headed out in the opposite direct to the scientific base at  Malea Planum. Which begs the question, are they heading to Bubble City for reinforcements, or towards the recently discovered unknown artefact?

All I know is tension is running high, here, and that the base itself is on high alert with staff working double shifts on a number of fronts. The talk here in the mess hall, such as it is, has a number of whispered theories none of which, as of this time, I can confirm let alone share.

Rest assured though I am pressing the base commander hard on providing answers. That said, this being a UN base, I won’t hold my breathe and neither should you.

Needless to say, this reporter will update you all as soon as I have something to share.

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Unknown Assailants

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Chu reporting — This just in, international scientists and crew based at Malea Planum—who have been researching carbon dioxide ice in Mars’ south polar region—have come under attack from unknown assailants. We are told in a dispatch from the UN base Commander Sigrid Thorin, at Alpha Base, that a number of their personnel have been dispatched in crawlers but that it could take days for them to reach the stricken base where, we are also told, news of the attack was leaked by a lone survivor.

More details as soon as we have them.

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A World on Edge

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Chu reporting — Newly elected UN Secretary General, Sonja Christensen, spoke last night to a full assembly of member nations, in Valencia, Spain, warning them to stay the course in these uncertain times. All the while carefully alluding to the psychopathy of the incumbent US President, J. Barnum Finch, whose inflammatory speech earlier in the day, incited his 74 million online followers to violence, as the month’s long food shortages continue.

News broadcaster, TransWire News Media Corp. the current mouthpiece to the US President, is being asked to show restraint in its coverage and continuous airing of the US President’s speech. But the rightwing funded media isn’t about to go lightly, especially given Christensen is barely days into her Presidency of the UN.

While the rest of the world does its best to ignore the US in its daily dealings, the mounting tensions playing out across the planet, has us here, on Mars, worried for the fledgling colony, which is already suffering shortages of everything.

If the US pulls out of its agreement to continue its share of funding to the Mars Initiative, things could go from bad to worse. And not since the days of the global pandemic of 2020-27 will we all be fighting for survival.

In these uncertain economic times, we here on Mars, hope that the pro-Mars Secretary General pulls the proverbial rabbit out of a hat, and finds a series of workable solution and measures to ensure the continued mission here, on Mars. And get UN members back at the table, working towards a common goal.

Feeding Earth’s billions, but not at the cost of the Mars Initiative.

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Minor Quake Causes Structural Damage

CITYWIDE UPDATE: Emily Chu reporting — Despite last month’s minor quake beneath Delta Dome, structural engineers have given the okay to tunnelling teams to go ahead with excavation work being done on the primary access tunnel from Charlie Dome through to the newly refurbished Delta Dome. As readers already know, the buildings in Delta’s ‘Desert’ city are made from fused sand, a cheap and plentiful building material up here, on Mars. And just as well, as many of Delta’s residential home units were cracked and damaged after the seismic disturbance.

Peter Lao, the unofficial worker’s chairman of Charlie Dome’s China Town, says he is pleased that work has been restarted and hopes that work can be finished in time for the up coming Luna New Year celebrations, next month.

Engineer, Lars Sorrenson, was quoted as saying while it was all well and good that the tunnelling was going ahead, he was angry that erstwhile Governor, Lily Kwan, had not followed through on his recommendations on reinforcing the polycarb structure of the topside access tube between Charlie and Delta, and that another substantial quake could damage it irreparably. And, he implied, maybe the Delta structure itself, which went unscathed in last month’s rattle.

Sorrenson, however, was loathe to go on record to that effect as he, personally, hadn’t been on the survey team during the refurbishment of Delta, just the topside access tube. He did, however, confirm, his team were now concentrating on surveying the ‘H’ wing hydroponics gardens’ structure for signs of damage.

Meanwhile, scut talk about the access tubes, in general, is all but unanimous on the vIP channels, saying Kwan herself is siding with the Government spokesperson for UN Secretary Heiko Maas of Martian Affairs, on the removal of the so-called expensive to maintain access tubes, in favour of going underground.

That said, will we all be going underground, or will some of us find ourselves still stuck, topside, battling the inevitable dust storms and quakes? I wonder.

Be sure to check out the Editor’s Op-Ed piece on this and so much more, in the coming weeks.

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