Bren is a New Zealand-born writer of children’s and young adult books based in Australia. She also writes YA SF under the pen name Cally Black. She uses the alias to distinguish between books written for younger children and books written for young adults. But don’t think she just writes for the younger market, she also writes humorous SF for adults too.

Where to find her: website | twitter


Howard’s style of writing is reminiscent of the humour of Rankin and Pratchett and often set in a quaint English locale just brimming with ancient evil or a past that won’t stay where its supposed to, in the past. His stories are an eclectic mix of science fiction, fantasy, running gags, and twisted English humour. He offers up an outrageous list of characters you’re more likely to meet down the pub, than saving the universe with nothing more than an antiquated Ealing motorcycle, a bag of elastic bands, a pair of pliers, and a battered box of Swan Vesta matches.