Alexandra Wolfe is not a New York Times bestselling author and isn’t likely to be. But she definitely knows what types of stories she likes to read and, as a consequence, writes in a lot of different genres.

To date, she has written everything from space opera to murder-mysteries, police procedurals to science fantasy, and even a couple futuristic fantasies with a paranormal twist. She loves crossing, mixing, and merging genres as the need arises and suits her whim.

One thing you can be certain of, all of Alexandra’s work feature strong female characters engaged in a variety of adventures involving mystery, danger and yes, occasionally some romance.

Her short fiction has appeared on the Hive Mind and Spec-Fiction Hub websites and in various ezines, including Sputnik57, Quark’s News, Venus Magazine, and the Empress of Mars magazine. Her short spec-fiction story, Finley’s Last Chapter, was also featured in The Last Man Anthology from Sword & Saga Press.