Alexandra Wolfe

Alexandra is not a New York Times bestselling author and isn’t likely to be. But she definitely knows what types of stories she likes to read, and, as a consequence, writes in a lot of different genres.

To date, she has written everything from space opera to murder-mysteries, police procedurals to science fantasy, futuristic fantasies to tales of the supernatural.

One thing you can be certain of, all of Alexandra’s work feature strong female characters engaged in a variety of adventures involving mystery, danger and yes, occasionally, some romance.

Alexandra lives in Quebec, Canada, with her long time partner, a library-sized collection of books and an unhealthy amount of toys.

  • ELEMENTAL — Book 1 in the Bright Worlds SF Duology
  • COME THE INQUISITOR — Science Fiction
  • THE LAST WORD — Science Fiction
  • HEL’S REVENGE — Science Fiction
  • SELF — Near Future
  • FAMILY ROOTS — Contemporary
  • AS I BREATHE — Short fiction collection, published by Dreadnought Press, 2020
Short Fiction
  • “Obituary” — the Empress of Mars Magazine, Jan 2012.
  • “Finley’s Last Chapter” — the Empress of Mars Magazine, Jan 2012.
  • “Twist Of Fate” — the Empress of Mars Magazine, Jan 2012.
  • “The Bee Charmer” — Venus Magazine, Dec 2011.
  • “Finley’s Last Chapter” — The Last Man Anthology. Sword & Saga Press, Oct 2010.
  • “Obituary” — The Hive Mind, March 2009.
  • “Twist Of Fate” — The Hive Mind, February 2009.
  • “Jehanne D’Arc” — Sputnik57, April 2007.
  • “The Dark” Odyssey. Reprinted Sputnik57, June 2007.
Other Projects
  • CONTAGION — 6-part Mini series, BBC
  • HEL’S REVENGE — SF TV drama
  • THE ENVOY — Screenplay
  • THE LAST WORD — Screenplay